About Kahuli

Kahuli was born from the desire to create original "indigenous roots" music that would strengthen and celebrate the spirit of the movement for Aloha 'Aina and Pono.

Literally, "Kahuli" has many meanings:

it is the name of an indigenous land snail. This snail is rare nowadays, but very beautiful. It is a musical creature that "sings" by hanging off leaves and branches of forest trees and letting the wind blow into the edge of its shell. In old times, forests used to be filled with its song. Its shell has a beautiful spiral pattern (in many varieties and colors), symbolizing growth, change, evolution, and the universe.

Once, a single kahuli of a previously unknown species was found in Halawa, O'ahu, and this one tiny snail had the power to stop the evil H-3 project for years (the project was in fact only resumed after Senator Daniel Inouye made the unprecedented move of exempting the freeway project from ALL environmental laws, in the interest of "national defense"...)

Ka huli means revolution, change, overturning. To move in a spiral direction. To spin with centrifugal and gravitational force.

Ka huli is the taro slip that is planted; it is the continuation of life. It is what is passed down through generations, while the nourishing portion is harvested to give life to the people at any given time.

(more to come!)

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